Nigerian man narrates his experience with SARS.

A Nigerian man has taken to twitter to narrate his ordeal with the Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS).

See his story below:

“Yesterday I was driving along Ketu-Ojota road then some SARS officers officers on seeing me wearing apple earpods and driving a nice car quickly saw me as some way for them to make some money. On seeing me, one of about 10 of them ordered me to stop

I was driving at about 80kph at the time but had to apply the brakes when I saw one of them cork his gun (who wants to die?). Then they ordered that I park at the side of the road, seeing them in their full regalia, I did. I guess they were looking for new year money.

One of them proceeded to calling me a fraudster without asking any questions, and I said “Sir, I stand to be corrected, I am not a fraudster”. He said “By the time we finish searching you, you go stop all this your grammar”.

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At that point they were already checking all the nooks and crannies of my car (Only God knows what they were looking for). I ensured to be looking at them so I see what they were searching for. They searched through all my docs and the files I had in my car, everything.

I was screaming and was telling them how much of an embarrassment this was and why they were harassing me for doing nothing. Not one person came to query them about why they were doing that to a young man who has done nothing but just being fresh and driving a nice car.

After scrutinizing my car the next thing was he (one who they said was their boss and was on mufty) wanted to search my phone, I started boiling at that point and tried to create a resistance, but one slap ony face resetted my factory settings.

I told him I had nudes of my gf on my phone, he said “that’s none of my business, we go look am together”, so he asked me to unlock my phone, went through my emails, messages, alerts

and finally went to my whatspp and searched for some keywords like ‘client’, ‘account’ and ‘format’, etc, to cut the long story short he didn’t find anything that piqued his interest, then he gave me back my phone, called me a useless guy and slapped me one more time.

I was just happy to leave that spot and walk away unscathed. I guess it was just my lucky day or they were just in a good mood. See, no matter what it takes just #EndSARS #EndSarsForever, those people are a menace to humanity. Thanks for reading through my thread!”

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